Assembling Together

Let’s assemble together no matter where you are


I’m an introvert living in an extrovert world.


The biggest challenge of my adult working life is coming out of my shell. Unfortunately that has led to many instances where I longed for people’s approval. It’s resulted in too many rash decisions and going down wrong paths. Then I would retreat and have to start all over.

Now days I work in a job where I am constantly surrounded by people. And I’m not talking about just the same small group of coworkers. Not only are there ALOT of coworkers, but then there’s the general public. At least a hundred or more people come through our office on a daily basis. While I may not have to deal with every single one face to face, I deal with quite a few of them. Then there are the phone calls. And the emails. Oh, can’t forget the emails from the main office dealing with problems. It’s non stop.

Some weeks are worse than others. Then when I get home, there’s not that much time before I go to bed and get up the next morning just to do it all over again. So is it any wonder that there are weekends where I get home on Friday night and I do not leave my house until Monday morning?

Oh, I take walks. Lola my boxer sees to that. I get texts from friends. My kids come by some weekends. But for the most part I have my much needed alone time. And I just heard all the introverts shout Amen.

In the Bible it tells us we are not to forsake the assembly of one another. Church is designed where believers can get together and hold each other up, pray for each other, but most of all it’s where you hear the word of God. But what do you do when you just can’t go? Whether it’s for emotional or physical reasons, you just don’t make it out the door. Or maybe you don’t feel like there is a church around that you belong to. Does that mean you can’t hear the word of God and learn? Does that mean you can’t assemble with others? I honestly believe the answer is no.

Yes, I have a home church But I’ll be honest there are several weekends where I just can’t bring myself to leave my house and be around a crowd of people. That may sound bad but it’s just the way I am. So what do I do? I always spend time in God’s word. Not just on Sunday, but every morning. Whether it’s #First5 or the P31OBS study I’m involved in at the time, I always start my day with God. But on Sundays, I make it more special. Usually I’ll find a sermon online. Whether it’s one that my church has uploaded or ones from another preacher I like, I listen like I’m there.

But what about the assembling together? With social media even that is possible. Whether it’s an online study or just a group of people studying together on Sunday about God’s word, I believe this counts as believers assembling together.

Today I listened to a sermon by Max Lucado based on his book “Before Amen”. If you have not heard it, go to YouTube and just do a search on Max Lucado. It is a powerful sermon. So powerful, that when I did as he instructed and put my problem in my cupped hands, lifted my hands up to God and let the problem go, I felt God moving in me. And I felt His peace settle over me. I so needed that today after the week I had. I encourage you all to lift your problems to God and let them go. We don’t have to pray eloquent prayers to be heard. I believe Jesus loves the simplest prayers and He will go with us to the Father and be with us when we say, “Daddy, here’s this. I leave it with You.”

Today, whether you were unable to go to church this morning or you did go, let’s share God’s word with each other. Let’s lift each other up today in prayer and encourage one another. Let’s assemble together from all corners of the world and praise God. Let’s worship together online.  Whether in the comments here or on my Facebook page, share your thoughts on a sermon today, on a scripture that spoke to you, or if you have a prayer request please share it. Let’s show the devil that he cannot keep us from assembling together as believers.

Blessings on you all today.
Live, laugh, love